Cuvee des Trolls of the brewery Dubuisson

The Cuvee des Trolls and was born in 2000 in the microbrewery “The Brasse-Temps” open the Brasserie Dubuisson in Louvain-La-Neuve. Beer with a golden color and scents soft discharge: acacia honey, bread crust, citrus fruits (and flavored with orange zest) and read notes erbecee.

Wayan& Brewery Le Baladin

Wayan in Balinese language means “first born” and the name of the eldest daughter of Teo Musso, sister of Isaac (the name used for blanche Baladin). Inspired by the Belgian saison and was the first certified organic beer Italian (QC & I).

Tripping Flowers brewery Opperbacco

The charm of craft beer and the spark that led to the creation of a new beer can be reached by “rubbing” between inspiration and impulses of the brewer, without much marketing research. Luigi Ricchiuti, brewer Opperbacco, after having heard and enjoyed a local band Tripping the Flowers, decided to dedicate a tribute, creating a beer with their name.

Toccadibo the brewery Barley

In the Sardinian slang expression “toccadibo” is commonly used to incite dogs and horses, the latter also mentioned in the label of this beautiful Sardinian craft beer, brewed in the style of belgian ale, to which, however, has almost nothing to envy.